Survue 8 - Vascular Access for Hemodialyisis

Theme :

Vascular Access for Hemodialyisis

General Description

At the beginning SURVUE was an abbreviation of Surabaya Venous Update where this national scientific activity focused on venous disease which was initiated by Professor Puruhito, seven events had been held until 2017. The development of medical technology, especially in the vascular field of both arteries and veins has been very rapid. The role of Cardiac and Vascular Thoracic surgeons expected to be able to keep up with these developments. SURVUE will be held again in 2020 at the Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University, with the mission of introducing Vascular Access for Hemodialysis that can be performed by general surgeons and thoracic, cardiac, and vascular surgeons.

  •  In the series of activities, enriched with a variety of scientific events, ranging from the basics of vascular access, how to apply, complications, a series of treatments in difficult cases, as well as many tips and tricks, especially for general surgeons, Cardiac and Vascular Thoracic surgeons, general practitioners and students. Also include the sharing experience of several Cardiac and Vascular Thoracic Surgery Centers that are expert in performing Vascular Surgery both open and endovascular techniques.

  • At the end, participants are expected to be able to identify the patient's need for vascular access, and be able to make vascular access for general surgeons and cardiac and vascular thoracic surgeons.

  • Aims

  • The aims of SURVUE 8 activity is to provide the latest information that will increased knowledge and skills of vascular surgery among medical and paramedical personnel, as well as awareness of the importance of vascular access to hemodialysis or its complications in the health and community environment.

Department of Thoracic, Cardiac and Vascular Surgery Faculty of Medicine-Universitas Airlangga Proudly Present : Symposium and Workshop SURVUE Surabaya Vascular Update 8th

Theme : Vascular Access for Dialysis

Date : April 4-5th, 2020

Venue : AMEC Building Kampus A Airlangga University Surabaya 

Main Topic Symposium : 

1. Evolution of ESRD Management

2. Catheter Based Vascular Access for Dialysis 

3. AVF as Vascular Access for Dialysis 

4. Patient Oriented Dialysis Care

5. Emerging Trends in Dialysis Care

6. The Begining of Endo AVF Program 

7. Post Operative Consideration About AVF Maturation 

8. Complication of AVF for Dialysis Access and How to Overcome 

Hands On Workshop : 

1. Basic USG Vascular 

2. Vascular Suturing 

3. Adequacy for Hemodialysis

4. Short Term and Long Term Catheter for Hemodialysis 

5. Arteriovenous Shunt 

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Topic : 

- Vascular Access for HD 

- Thoracic, Cardiac, and Vascular Surgery 

Abstract Submission Until 5 March 2020

For Further Information : 

Departement of Thoracic, Cardiac and Vascular Surgery 

Faculty of Medicine-Universitas Airlangga

Jl. Mayjend Prof. dr. Moestopo No. 6-8 Surabaya

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Instagram : @survuebtkv

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Registration & contact person : 

SURVUE : 082131018133

dr. Yohanes : 081805805843

dr. Dila : 081230011122

Chairman of the Committee SURVUE 8


  • Aula Airlangga Medical Education Centre (AMEC), Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya
  • 04 April 2020 - 05 April 2020

Symposium + 1 Workshop

  • Tunneled Catheter for Hemodialysis2.750.000
  • Non-Tunneled Catheter for2.750.000
  • Arteriovenous Shunt2.750.000
  • Basic USG Vascular1.750.000
  • Vascular Suturing1.750.000
  • Adequacy of Hemodyalys1.750.000

Symposium Only

  • Specialist2.000.000
  • Resident / General Practioners1.000.000
  • Medical Students1.000.000
  • Nurse1.000.000

Workshop Only

  • Basic USG Vascular1.000.000
  • Vascular Suturing1.000.000
  • Short Term and Long Term Catheters for Hemodyalysis2.000.000
  • Arteriovenous Shunt2.000.000
  • Adequacy for Hemodyalysis1.000.000


  • img
    Prof. Dr. med. Puruhito, dr, FICS, SpB, SpBTKV (K)
    Surabaya - Indonesia
  • img
    Prof. DR. Dr. Med Paul Tahalele, dr., SpB, SpBTKV(K)
    Surabaya - Indonesia
  • img
    dr. Agung Prasmono, SpB., SpBTKV (K)
    Surabaya - Indonesia
  • img
    dr. Yan Efrata Sembiring, SpB., SpBTKV (K)
    Surabaya - Indonesia
  • img
    dr. Arief Rakhman Hakim, SpBTKV (K)
    Surabaya - Indonesia
  • img
    dr. Oky Revianto, SpBTKV (K)
    Surabaya - Indonesia
  • img
    Niko Azhari Hidayat, dr., SpBTKV(K)
    Surabaya - Indonesia
  • img
    dr. Dhihintia Jiwangga, SpBTKV (K)
    Surabaya - Indonesia

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